Photoblog! - Schweiz Edition

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03.04.2016 - Shanghai 2016

bund_ThumbGreat to see friends again! Much has changed in two years, not only the housing prices!

03.04.2016 - Überwintern 2015 - 2016

bund_ThumbIt's been a great winter if it wasn't for all the bloody rain instead of snow.

Lots of fun things though! Seeing loved ones in Chicago, family visit to Amsterdam, Fasnacht, etc etc etc!

03.04.2016 - Sarah and Zach getting married!

bund_ThumbCatching up! Great times in southern Illinois. Also wonderful autumn colours, wonderful couple, all brilliant.

03.04.2016 - Camping 2015

bund_ThumbI am being late with this because I keep forgetting to update the photo blog. Here's the first round of albums!

27.11.2015 - Herbstmesse 2015


30.06.2015 - Weddings In Chicago

bund_ThumbChicago in spring.

That's nice.

Great opportunity to come over, great week, great time, two great weddings, 10/10 would do again.

Best thing though is getting to hang out with the greatest people.

09.05.2015 - Paris

bund_ThumbEaster holiday came up. Here's an idea: Let's go to Paris.

07.05.2015 - Spring!

bund_ThumbHere's a few photos from Basel, like, you know, litigation.

01.05.2015 - Istanbul!

bund_ThumbAlmost done catching up.

There are about three films being developed - one more post to come!

01.05.2015 - Christmas and New Years In Sotuh Africa!

bund_ThumbFinally I get around to linking them here!


We had such a wonderful time under the Southern Cross!

10.10.2014 - Herbst

bund_ThumbAs autumn rolls around, here are some photos to close 2014.
Basel Marathon, Skiing, Herbstmesse etc.

10.10.2014 - Summer

bund_ThumbQuite bollocky weather this summer really.
That won't stop me though, as usual.
Here are some shots collected through the summer months.
I'm thinking of taking some around work in the next few weeks if I feel like it.
Have a look!

22.08.2014 - Iceland

bund_Thumbhow awesome was that?!

22.06.2014 - Arrived In Basel!

bund_ThumbHere's a litte update what we've been up to! Much more to come obviously.

19.05.2014 - Lake Como

bund_ThumbFirst trip out of Basel

Saddled up the Chantal Lopez and drove south for a weekend. Pretty nice. No actually REALLY nice. Here are some photos of Lake Como and some towns surrounding it.



here's the older stuff!