Photoblog! - Schweiz Edition

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16.04.2019 - Springtime Shenanigans

bund_ThumbBoogie innit.


16.04.2019 - Sevilla 2019

bund_ThumbHere it is. Warm. In February! Great times.

16.04.2019 - Basel Street Shots 2018

bund_ThumbCaught up for now. Next is Sevilla, that was fun.

16.04.2019 - Winter Fun 2018

bund_ThumbWintertimes and drinks etc.

16.04.2019 - Chicago Summer 2018

bund_ThumbWarm it was.

16.04.2019 - Lisbon

bund_ThumbEscaping Fasnacht 2018.

04.03.2019 - Where's George?

bund_ThumbThere's George!

04.03.2019 - Across 2017

bund_ThumbApart from the big stuff above - these are some 2017 shots.

27.01.2019 - Christmas in South Africa

bund_ThumbKersfees 2018. Great times!

31.01.2019 - Valencia 2016

bund_ThumbA nice ten day getaway. Great company too!

Not featuring the horrible film we made.

Also fuck pulpo.

31.01.2019 - Switzerland Randoms 2016

bund_ThumbA wild collection of nice Schweizfotos from a not so nice year.

31.01.2019 - Chicago 2016

bund_ThumbWe went there often for reasons not so nice.


31.01.2019 - Köpfe

bund_ThumbHeadshots, literally. A bunch of them together too.

Want one? Holler at me!

03.04.2016 - Shanghai 2016

bund_ThumbGreat to see friends again! Much has changed in two years, not only the housing prices!

03.04.2016 - Überwintern 2015 - 2016

bund_ThumbIt's been a great winter if it wasn't for all the bloody rain instead of snow.

Lots of fun things though! Seeing loved ones in Chicago, family visit to Amsterdam, Fasnacht, etc etc etc!

03.04.2016 - Sarah and Zach getting married!

bund_ThumbCatching up! Great times in southern Illinois. Also wonderful autumn colours, wonderful couple, all brilliant.

03.04.2016 - Camping 2015

bund_ThumbI am being late with this because I keep forgetting to update the photo blog. Here's the first round of albums!

here's the older stuff!