Photoblog! - TechBro Edition

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22.01.2022 - SF at Night

bund_ThumbSF at Night.

It's also fun!

22.01.2022 - Chinatown Shops

bund_ThumbGo shopping in Chinatown.

It's fun!

22.01.2022 - Drinking


Nuff said.

22.01.2022 - NAS Alameda

bund_ThumbNAS Alameda.

A superfund site.

22.01.2022 - Oakland Bridge Communities

bund_ThumbUnder the Oakland Bridges.

A community.

08.08.2021 - Mare Island

bund_ThumbGood walk.

FGood crew.

Good empty naval shipyard.

21.08.2021 - Orange Day 2020

bund_ThumbFucking Orange Day.


Also LOVE Velvia.

28.07.2019 - San Francisco So Far

bund_ThumbWe've now been here for two months.

Finally the scanner arrived.

So here are some shots.

21.07.2019 - Bye Bye Basel!

bund_ThumbAs it says. This is the last set. Thanks so much for everything.

16.07.2019 - Abandoned Habsheim

bund_ThumbJust off the motorway between Basel and Mulhouse sits a little airfield called Aerodrome Mulhouse Habsheim.
For some that name rings a bell since an Air France A320 crashed there during an airshow in the late 80s.

I went there a few times to practice patterns, and always noticed a bunch of abandoned hangards in the north of the field.
So one day I decided to go have a look.

This is what's inside.

16.04.2019 - Springtime Shenanigans

bund_ThumbBoogie innit.

16.04.2019 - Sevilla 2019

bund_ThumbHere it is. Warm. In February! Great times.

here's the older stuff!